Shipshewana Livestock Auction in Indiana

Shipshewana Livestock Auction in Indiana

If you are planning to visit Indiana and looking for a great place that hold a livestock auction, Shipshewana Trading Place can be your answer. This family-own company has a mission to bring sellers and buyers together with the intention of promoting an enjoyable and memorable travel to Shipshewana. This organization started in 1922 with seven cows, six pigs, and some young cattle sold at George Curtis’ home. Recently, it becomes a home to 8 different businesses and the host of various special events. Those businesses include Shipshewana RV Service Center, Shipshewana RV Park, Auction Restaurant, Conference Center and Farmstead Inn, Shipshewana Horse Auction (every Friday), Shipshewana Livestock Auction (every Wednesday), Shipshewana Miscellaneous and Antique Auction (every Wednesday), and Shipshewana Flea Market (Open Tuesday and Wednesday).

Shipshewana Livestock

The schedule for Shipshewana Livestock Auction can be read below:

  • 10.00: Hay
  • 10.30: Feeder Pigs
  • 11.00: Dairy Cows/Dairy Heifers
  • 12.30: Feeder Cattle
  • 14.30: Goats, Lambs, Sheep, Veal
  • 16.00: Fat Cattle, Cows and Butcher Bulls

Every buyer must apply to get a number for buyer before start bidding within the office. The buyer numbers available are given daily. The buyers should be at least 18 years old, have an ID card, and a valid mobile phone number to get the buyer number. Make sure to show your number during purchase and payments. The payment methods accepted in this auction include check, cash, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard. You may have to pay 5% additional fee for premium. However, it can be waived if you pay in check or cash.

Those are some of brief information about Shipshewana Livestock Auction. This organization’s office is situated in the center of Amish Country in Northern Indiana. You should never leave Indiana without selling, bidding, and shopping in Shipshewana Trading Place. The company keep on improving their customer service to ensure the best experience for both sellers and buyers.